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Pilates Pillow Talk....

It's always great to hear from the people that matter most in pilates - YOU! Thanks to Fiona for sharing how she's using pilates to build strength, reduce stress and feel great.

What’s your Name?

Fi Leonard

What class do you attend?

Core Pilates

What brought you to pilates?

I had tried it a few times before and enjoyed it, then when I saw Julie had started teaching classes it encouraged me to take it back up again and stick with it this time. I also wanted to support my friend and I knew I would be very comfortable learning from her. There were never any pre-class nerves.

Why do you love it so much?

Pilates has really helped me tone up and feel stronger.

It takes the stress of the day away and allows you to clear your mind.

It has also helped me personally by improving sleep.

What motivates you to get on the mat when you don’t feel like you want to?

I know I will always feel better after class. It’s as hard at times as cardio, so you feel the benefit of the workout, but can also be as relaxing as yoga too.

Favourite pilates exercise?

A tough question, I like working the core / abs – The 100… “spicy” as Julie calls it, but it feels great. Bridging, double and single leg stretch also a favourite of mine, challenging but rewarding. I need to work on my plank!

What 3 words best describe you?

Organised, calm and friendly – I’ll talk to anyone that listens

What’s your favourite positivety mantra?

Stay calm and carry on

1 reason why everyone should be doing pilates every damn day?

Each class is different; Ostara classes are versatile and Julie adapts the class to suit your own needs, depending on what you want to focus on more that day e.g. push yourself to do the harder versions of certain moves or take a few seconds longer in a relaxing stretch, if your muscles ache or it’s been a long day crouched over the laptop. It really does take away all the stresses of the day, but also makes you sweat.

A very balanced workout, you come away feeling you have really worked every muscle in your body.

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