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Pilates Pillow Talk...

Updated: Jun 4, 2020


Terri Ferris

What class do you attend:

Technically the Foundational class but I end up doing all of the classes in the community group!

What brought me to Pilates:

I have had some lower back issues so my sister and good friend bought me gift vouchers for a set of reformer classes.

Why I love it:

It has taught me to be aware of my body, how it moves and why it is important to think about how you carry out daily tasks. It has improved my posture - I actually feel taller!

It's the only exercise I have ever done that doesn’t hurt my back and it’s the only the exercise class I’ve done where I feel week on week I’m improving.

What motivates me:

It actually feels good! Yes it is challenges at times but mostly the stretching feels really good for my body.

I also have a very stressful job and really relaxes me after a busy day at work.

Favourite exercise:

The Hundred! Oddly I like the challenge and I can’t believe how much I’ve improved on this one.

3 words to describe me:

(I struggle with this so asked my friends) Tenacious, inclusive, caring.


The pain of procrastination is far greater than the pain of actually doing it

Why everyone should do:

Because EVERYONE can no matter what your body shape or level of fitness there are moves that will suit you and mostly will help you!

If you'd like to join our growing pilates community just let me know, we'd love to see you! You can sign up for my newsletter below or drop me a note at we're using pilates to build strength in a way that's kind to our body and our mind and leaves us feeling great on and off the mat!

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