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My approach to pilates is all about helping you find and keep your natural balance both mentally and physically no matter who you are.  We are all entitled to enjoy the benefits that movement can bring.

I fell in love with pilates when I started running and picked up a few injuries.  My physio at the time recommended I use it to help improve my core stability and to also help stretch and lengthen my muscles to iron out imbalances and improve my running.  It worked wonders, helping me to complete my first ever Half Marathon in Paris, in 2 hours.  Since then, I’ve had my own personal practise for over 15 years and in that time it has been a lifesaver for me, improving my strength, co-ordination and flexibility whilst keeping injury at bay.  It has also helped me reduce anxiety naturally, making me feel my best from the inside out.

For the last year I have trained with the highly respected and internationally renowned, Body Control Pilates, in their beautiful Covent Garden studios and completed my TotalBarre training with STOTT PILATES, part of the Merrithew Mindful Movement family and  am on the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs 3). 

With 1 in 4 of us in Scotland set to experience a mental health issue, I have recently completed my Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training in order to make sure I am nurturing, not just the physical fitness needs of clients in my class, but also their mental fitness needs too.  I have also completed  a foundational course in Pilates for Better Mental Health with Body Control Pilates and there is a Support Toolkit on my site should you ever need it.

Feeling at home in your own skin - both physically and mentally -  is so important to our happiness.  Unfortunately the world is not an easy place to nagivate, but my classes will hopefully teach you how the mind and body talk to each other through movement and how you can use this to help keep yourself safe and healthy, in the hope that you too can find alignment and stability in your body and in life.    

This is about your pilates journey and I cannot wait to share a method with  you that has taught me so much about myself.  Always expect a very warm welcome and a calm yet challenging class.

Thank you for visiting my site and see you in class soon, Julie 

Continuing Professional Development 2019:


- Reformer 1 + 2 (Body Control Pilates)

- Pregnancy Pilates (Level 3, Body Control Pilates + Active IQ)

- Pilates for Children and Young People (Level 2, Body Control Pilates + Active IQ)

- Pilates for Running (Body Control Pilates)

- Pilates for Better Mental Health (Body Control Pilates)

- STOTT TotalBarre (Merrithew)

Movement & Anatomy:
- Introduction to Slings (Art of Motion)

- Anatomy & Physiology (Active IQ. Exam result: 90%)

- Principles of Exercise (Active IQ.  Exam result: 81%)


- Mental Health First Aid (NHS Scotland)
- Emergency First Aid (SCQF Level 6) 

Continuing Professional Development 2020:


- Pilates for Golfers (Body Control Pilates)

- Physio led monthly Body Control Pilates matwork teacher training sessions held at FASIC, Centre for Sport & Exercise, University of Edinburgh.

I also hold a First Class Honours Degree and a Master of Science. ​