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Hi!  I'm all about keeping your pilates experience simple, balanced and fun.

 I create pilates classes & resources that are specifically designed to help you:

- build strength

- reduce stress

- feel great

Whether that's on the mat, on the reformer or through my growing community who have access to bespoke resources and workouts, my job is to help you fall in love with exercise in a way that best fits your needs and that best supports your lifestyle and your wellness goals, so as you feel balanced on and off the mat.

I am passionate about teaching and helping you understand the pilates method from the ground up because the basics are where the magic is.  I believe children and young people have the most to gain from starting a pilates practice early and I work privately with a number of young people in the performing arts, helping them improve core strength, posture and good movement patterns.

With 1 in 4 of us in Scotland set to experience a mental health issue, I am a Scottish Mental Health First Aider and have also completed  a foundational course in Pilates for Better Mental Health with Body Control Pilates.  Please visit my Mental Health Support Toolkit if you are looking for any extra support with your wellbeing.

​Thank you for visiting my site, get in touch with any questions and see you for pilates soon!

P.S.  Here's my story on how i came to love pilates!





- Reformer 1(Body Control Pilates)


- Pregnancy Pilates (Level 3, Body Control Pilates + Active IQ)

- Pilates for Children and Young People (Level 2, Body Control Pilates + Active IQ)

- Pilates for Running (Body Control Pilates)

- Pilates for Better Mental Health (Body Control Pilates)

- STOTT TotalBarre (Merrithew)

Movement & Anatomy:
- Introduction to Slings (Art of Motion)

- Anatomy & Physiology (Active IQ. Exam result: 90%)

- Principles of Exercise (Active IQ.  Exam result: 81%)


- Mental Health First Aid (NHS Scotland)
- Emergency First Aid (SCQF Level 6) 




- Level 4 Pilates Movement & Adaption

- Level 4 Low Back Pain / Back4Good 

- Intermediate Matwork
- Pilates with the Small Ball & Toning Circle
- Pilates for Golfers (Body Control Pilates)

- Physio led monthly Body Control Pilates matwork teacher training sessions held at FASIC, Centre for Sport & Exercise, University of Edinburgh.

Primary Certificate in Coaching : Stress Management & Wellbeing (Centre for Stress, London)

I am a Professional Member of Back Care and the Body Control Pilates Association.

I also hold a First Class Honours Degree and a Master of Science. ​

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