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Join me for a pilates class in the following Edinburgh studios.

For corporate, community or private classes please email hello@ostarapilates.com



Weekly - Mondays

Teen Pilates (4pm) - A class specifically designed for 13 - 16 year olds to help them understand connection in their bodies and how to harness that connection to build strength, balance and flexibility.  Through this pilates practice we seek to improve body confidence, cultivate self care and offer an optional 3 minute mediation session at the end to ease the body and calm the mind of a busy teen.

Foundational Pilates (6pm) -  Aimed at beginners, it breaks down key pilates exercises and focuses on alignment, breathing and building core stability in order to protect the body from daily wear and tear and injury.  Sessions are enhanced by an added focus on de-stressing the nevous system.

Core Pilates (7.05pm) -  Focuses on core activation, conditioning and moving key joints through their active range of motion.  Small equipment like the overball, fitness circle, therabands and blocks are all used to keep it fun!   A more intermediate / advanced level, modifications are given depending on your level so as you are always moving safely but getting challenged and building strength in a safe way.

Please email hello@ostarapilates.com to find out about availability.

Classes limited to 12 people.


Weekly - Tuesdays (Various times)

I teach at 37 St. Stephen Street in Stockbridge every Tuesday and am exceptionally delighted to be able to guide these sessions on behalf of Jyoti Sigouin who mentored me during my supervised teaching cycle of my Body Control Pilates training.   

Jyoti has over 10 years experiece as a qualifed BCP teacher and holds a Master Matwork qualification.   

Classes in this gorgeous boutique studio have a focus on Beginners and Improvers where we focus on alignment, breathing and challenging core stability to build strength and keep joints healthy.

Various times. 

Prenatal Pilates is held at 6pm.

For details and to book a mat:



Weekly - Wednesdays (6:30pm)

Join me for a mat based dynamic pilates class at Synergy Group Fitness - winner of Regional Gym of the Year and Functional Gym of the year 2018.

Weekly at 6:30pm.  Book online via their website or their app.