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6pm & 7pm

Foundational Pilates (6pm) - Aimed at beginners, it breaks down key pilates exercises and focuses on alignment, breathing and building core stability in order to protect the body from daily wear and tear and injury.  Sessions are enhanced by an added focus on de-stressing the nevous system.

Core Pilates (7pm) - Focuses on core activation, conditioning and moving key joints through their active range of motion.  Small equipment like the overball, fitness circle, therabands and blocks are all used to keep it fun!   A more intermediate / advanced level, modifications are given depending on your level so as you are always moving safely but getting challenged and building strength in a safe way.



12pm, 5pm, 7pm

Beginngers Pilates (12pm)

Prenatal Pilates (5pm)

Intermediate Pilates (7pm)

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Dynamic Pilates (6:30pm)

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By appointment only.

Reformer pilates is offered on 1:1 private basis from my home studio.  It offers a total body workout focusing on balance, strength and mobility.  Classes are designed to your specific movement goals following an initial consultation and health questionnaire.


Please contact me direct for more information or to book.

*My home studio is currently closed due to covid-19.  Private matwork appointments are being offered via Zoom.*

Children & Young People

Various via direct booking.

I work privately and within a group setting offering pilates for children and young people.  Children and young people stand to gain the most out of a consistent pilates practice and there is evidence to suggest the earlier they do it, the less long term wear and tear on their joint structures.  Pilates offers a unique opportunity to teach children about fundamental movement skills, body confidence, posture, relaxation (for body and mind), and is also just really good fun! 

I have an externally assessed Level 2 qualification in planning & instructing pilates for children & young people and hold a full PVG disclosure.

All group work is currently suspended due to covid-19 and 1:1 appointments are running via Zoom.



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