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A short note on why you should think about joining my pilates community.

For International Pilates Day on 2 May 2020, I surveyed 50 of my 1:1 and Group clients who had taken pilates with me for over a year.

The survey had a 96% response rate.

The top 3 noticeable differences my community listed by having a regular pilates practice were:

- Strength - Better alignment and body awareness - Improved posture

They also noticed a significant reduction in feeling less stressed.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I asked them how they felt before a class and how they felt after a class. The average before ranged from 2 to 6 and the AFTER capped at 9 and 10 - so pilates also makes them feel great!

If you would like to build strength, feel great and take some time for yourself to ease the stresses of everyday life, plus join a wonderful and supportive community of pilates people then please email me for information on my matwork or community group.

1:1 reformer programmes are run privately in my home studio and are dedicated to individual goals.

Pilates is a kind and gentle way to exercise your body and your mind. It has so much to offer over the more traditional work out approach of 'go hard or go home,' so if you are looking for a smarter, less stressful way, to move but still get that worked out feeling, then pilates is for you and I'll help cheer you on as you work towards your own goals.

If you are new to pilates and would like to try it first, then please email me with your details and you can join for a complimentary taster experience.

Not sure if pilates is for you? Then read I wrote this blog post just for you, '5 reasons why pilates will make your life better.'

P.S. Still not convinced? Then check out my Pilates Pillow Talk features - these are interviews with my community on why they love pilates it so much.

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