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The 8 principles that will guide your pilates practice.

Pilates Work Out


Also know as precision of movement, it is key to a good pilates practice.  Good alignment at the start, and throughout each movement is essential.  By correctly aligning the body and bringing the joints and soft tissue into their natural neutral zones, the right recruitment patterns are encouraged and the joints remain healthy.


Synchronisng the breath to movements is a key part of pilates.  The breathing patterns in pilates help with stabillity and encourage fluid movements.  Learning how to breath well also helps both the mind and body to relax, recharge and focus.

Meditation Class


This is the process of training your core stability.  Pilates focuses on maintaining control and support of the body as movement takes place.  It does this by encouraging the recruitment of the deep core muscles that help to control and stabilise the action.


 Coordination involves organising the movement so as it can be performed purposefully and with control.   By focusing on the quality and detail of each movement that make up the exercise, coordination, control, mobility, strength and the overall efficiency of the whole body are improved. 

Pilates Pose
Dancer in Studio


Pilates movements are controlled, graceful and flowing.  Moving your body through different planes of movement and your joints through their normal ranges of motion, will lead to longer, leaner muscles that are stronger across their whole range.


Relaxation of the mind and body is an essential part of any pilates session.  Focusing on releasing areas of tension within the body allows for change in the body to take place.  In doing so, the mind starts to relax as conscious thought becomes purely focused on moving with grace and ease.

Pilates with Ball
Yoga Class


This is what connects the mind and body.  Pilates develops greater body awareness and control through concentration and focus on the detail and precision of each exercise being performed.  Focusing inwards and being consciously aware of each movement will help bring about change as the mind and body need to work together.


Pilates is an endurance based movement method, where the emphasis should always be on the quality of the movement.  As you progress in your practice, repetitions and the difficulty of each exercice can be increased to challenge your stamina.  Small pilates equipment can also be introduced to further build muscular endurance.

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

*Where possible, I always recommend that you book a one off 1:1 if you are a complete beginner.  This allows for a full individual postural assessment, a chance to see your movement patterns individually and also a chance to go over any other health anomolies unique to you.   Following this, you will be able to join a class and be supported in a way that benefits you the most.  Pilates Foundation Workshops are also run, which serve to introduce the fundamentals.  Please email below to book or find out workshop dates.*

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