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Enhance your golf swing & improve your performance safely.

Are you looking for more strength and rotation in your upper body?  Are you hips moving incorrectly in your backswing and follow through?  The Pilates for Golfers programme is a 90 minute golf specific workshop that comprises specially adapted exercises that can help improve golf performance by releasing the spine, hips, shoulders and ankles and strengthening the hip extensors, abdominals, wrists and neck to help reduce the risk of injury. 

Pilates is an establisehd part of the conditioning regime of most top golfers and the Body Control Pilates for Golfers programme is endorsed by both golf pros and medical specialists alike.

"The Body Control Pilates for Golfers programme is really effective for improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.  It helps to promote quality, range and control of movement to enhance the golf swing."

Dr. Andrew Murray (Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor, European Tour and Challenge Tour Golf)

1:1s are also available please email to find out about how pilates can help improve your golf swing or to book a workshop at your Golf Club.

For more information about the Body Control Pilates for Golfers programme please visit:

Couple on a Run


Build strength and stamina & reduce common running injuries.

I arrived at pilates because of a running injury and i still firmly believe the difference it made to my first Half Marathan performance was a 4 minute slash in my finish time. 

Having completed subsequent training for Pilates for Runners with Body Control Pilates, this is a 90 minute workshop that focuses on key pilates exercises designed to help maintain and enhance running performance and protect key joints from injury, whilst helping you develop your proprioceptive awareness.  A good life skills in as much as it is a good running skill!

From prehab to rehab, I have worked with many competitive runners in a Group setting.

Running specific 1:1 and private group sessions are also available.  Please email for details or to have a chat about how pilates can help your performance on and off the track.

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