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Summer pilates & making time for yourself

July is almost upon us and I always look forward to the start of a new month because I see it as a chance to hit refresh on the next 31 days (plus Ostara also symbolises new beginnings and balance!).

We're also emerging from lock down here in Scotland, so I think it's going to be a wonderful month of reuniting with friends and family and hopefully a few chances to safe distance socialise with those we have loved and missed.

That said, diaries can fill up quickly and before you know it, you've over stretched yourself!

For July, the Ostara community focus is on taking care of yourself and making sure that you build in time to do something you love for yourself.

For me that's always pilates - just 10 minutes can help me feel stronger and more relaxed. I'm a morning person, so when I get up I normally spend 20 minutes or so just walking around to loosen up before a quick session on the mat to set me up for the rest of the day. A little, often is all I need to keep my energy levels topped up.

So whether you do 10 minutes of pilates, or something else you love, make sure you plan in time for yourself this month, in amongst all the other wonderful things you hopefully have planned.

I'm running four pilates classes over July via Zoom. Classes are mixed ability so everyone is welcome no matter what level you are. The dates are below just email hello@ostarapilates to book and I'll send you the link.

Monday 6 July 6pm

Thursday 9 July 6pm

Wed 22 July 6pm

Mon 27 July 6pm

All scheduled times are BST

£40 for the 4 dates or £12.50 drop-in. Classes are 50 minutes long.

Whatever you do, stay safe and well.

Love Julie x

P.S. Short on time? Can't get to a class? Here's a free download of 5 simple pilates exercises you can do every day from home. Just click on the link and it's yours!

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