How to improve hamstring flexibility with pilates

Hamstrings tighter than Simon Cowell's white shirt?!

There are lots of different reasons why your hamstrings might be tight. For example , if you don't move an awful lot in your day to day life, they can lose their flexibility (think desk job).

Sports that involve a lot of stopping and starting can cause tight hamstrings (like football and tennis).

Run or cycle? If you're not stretching dynamically to complement your cardio, then you also run the risk of creating tightness in the back of the legs.

Keeping these muscles loose is important to avoid strain or injury.

Pilates is a perfect exercise method for stretching tight and tense muscles because you are always moving dynamically to stretch, release and strengthen those muscles.

The muscles in our body are all connected through our fascia system so stretching one set of muscles in isolation - like just your hamstrings - is not always the most effective way of working them; instead focus on strengthening and stretching the whole body.

Did you also know that tight and tense muscles are often a sign of stress? Pilates is a mindful form of movement that can also help to calm the mind because it teaches you how to breathe properly. You can read more on that here.

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P.S. If like me, you also suffer from tight hip flexors, then I have you covered too with this short video on my YouTube channel.

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