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Book a holistic matwork or reformer  class for improved core strength, restored posture, increased flexibility and better co-ordination. 

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Re-habing an injury?

I can help you restore movement, balance and strength post injury or surgery with a tailored 1:1. (includes children & young people)

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Suffering from back pain?

Enroll in my bespoke programme that  helps you understand the causes of chronic low back pain and how to move and strengthen your body to protect against it.


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The Lifetonic Club

Supporting midlife woman to build a resilient body and mind through movement, meditation & mindset.

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Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better.

Welcome to Ostara Pilates.

Using the world renowned pilates method, I'm passionate about teaching a client centered approach to movement that restores, maintains and enhances form and function as well as helping you to build a healthy and holistic lifestyle.


To find out more about enrollment for my Healthy Backs Programme, including a complimentary 15 minute consultation, visit here.  


Click below to book a mat class.  

Ostara Pilates

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